​​Christopher GarlanD

christopher Garland

Assistant Professor 

Department of Writing and Linguistics

georgia Southern university



My most recent academic publications include an article in the Journal of Social and Economic Research titled “The Visual Rhetoric of Service Tourism in Post-Earthquake Haiti.” Other recent articles include an essay in Contemporary French and Francophone Studies titled “Haiti, Vodou, and the Specter of Crisis in The Serpent and the Rainbow” and the article “Port-au-Prince is New Orleans: Race, Space, and the Spectacle of Suffering” in Writing Visual Culture. My most recent piece of creative nonfiction is "Myanmar Monkey Daze"—this was published by ​Coldnoon, ​an international journal of travel writing. Alongside my academic research and writing, for the last three years I was a staff writer for the New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation’s official editorial publication, GoNOLA.com, where I wrote about New Orleans culture (and take photos of food and other things). In the past I have written for print and digital publications like Nylon, The New Zealand Herald, and Inside Higher Ed, amongst other outlets. 


At Georgia Southern University, which is home to a free-standing writing department, I will teach a range of writing courses beginning in Fall 2017. These courses will cover a range of topics, from writing about place to rhetoric and culture.